The Culture Quarter

"Savannah is riding a wave of economic, social, and cultural progress, bringing visitors—and businesses—from around the world." -

With reports of Savannah planning to expand entertainment options, I designed a brand identity that addresses key brand strategies that Savannah needs to address:

1. Unify the diverse audiences and content in Savannah.

2. Build off the excitement and optimism surrounding Savannah's future.

3. Create a brand system that is flexible and supportive, acting as a platform for content rather than simply placing a veil over it.
Thomas Hull︎︎︎

Visual Design Lead


When you visit Savannah, one of the first things you notice is the historical squares created by the ‘Oglethorpe Plan’. Developed by James Oglethorpe when he founded the city in 1733, he envisioned a city of social equity and civic virtue.

Today, his unique grid design contributes to the great walkability and charming sense of community of Savannah. This theme of space and community set the foundation for the design process.

“In Savannah, the square by frequent repetition becomes an integral part of the street pattern and creates a series of rhythmically placed openings which give a wonderful sense of space in a solidly built townscape."


Dynamic Identity

Building from the spatial themes of Oglethorpe’s plan, a dynamic and lively typographic identity was created. The typeface stretches to reveal photographic ‘moments’.