Healthcare Flagship App

How can a disjointed consumer experience be united by a flagship application? That was the ask when Designit was approached by an American healthcare service provider.

The healthcare provider had experienced incredible growth through acquisitions and mergers. However, this growth and subsequent silos has led to a disjointed Patient/Member experience across their health journeys. We created internal alignment and engagement for a Flagship app that aims to unite the experience for their users.
Meghan Byrnes-Borderan (Design Director)
Chela Lacey-Richer (UX/UI Designer)
Maja Björkqvist (UX/UI Designer)
Logan Barnes (Visual Designer)
Colleen Miller (Strategy Designer)


UX/UI Designer
Workshop Facilitator

Current + Future State Workshop

Working closely with the client’s stakeholders, we designed two highly collaborative workshops where a current state and future state journey maps were co-created. These responses and feedback from the workshop helped us visualize the future state through conceptual app screens. 

We had discovered that the complexity of Patient/Member and Caregiver journeys had made it difficult to understand insurance benefits, proactively address health concerns, share information across the care team, and navigate the American healthcare provider’s experience.

Current state journey map design (use arrows to navigate)

Future state journey map design (use arrows to navigate)

Conceptual App Designs

These screens were key for internal alignment and a video showcasing the “art-of-the-possible” generated excitement for the Flagship App across business units.

The conceptual screens included:
  • Personalized features informed by the individual’s healthcare journey
  • Preventative care measures
  • Multiple platforms (mobile, web, wearables)
  • Connected healthcare data

In addition, a video showcase was designed as well but cannot be displayed due to an NDA.

Oppurtunity For Improved Consumer Experience

When this alignment, the Flagship App has the opportunity to improve the experiences of healthcare consumers including:

︎ Understand insurance benefits
︎ Proactively address health concerns
︎ Share information across the care team
︎ The overall navigation of the care experience